Necromunda Card Creator

Using this is simple enough:

  • Type in the name of the card in the Card name section, add the card body text in the Body Text section, and type the card type in the footer.
  • All the texts will centre align.
  • The body text will attempt to carriage turn text that runs on, but you can also force returns by adding them in.
  • If you start body text with ** then that line will be in red and bold.
  • A number of logos are also available which if selected will appear in a faded red in the bottom corner.
  • Cards can be downloaded as a png by pressing 'Save card as image'.
  • Cards an be saved as a json file by pressing 'Save card as file', you can then later upload the json file using the choose file button. This can be handy if you type up a card and then notice a typo later.
  • Reset All will nuke everything back to default entries.
  • If you need the card back, you can find it here.

If you have any problems or have any suggestions please contact

This is a heavily hacked version of the Warcry card generator which in turn is a fork of Hennirocks version which was fork of @rachelnertia's work.

Creative Commons license agreement

Please note that this is a non-commercial and non-profit project created by an enthusiast of Games Workshop products. This project is created and gets updated in personal freetime, it may get abandoned on the long run. Being open source, feel free to fork this project and help adapt and improve it.

This project is in no way endorsed or sanctioned by Games Workshop. Should the owner wish to authorise or cease useage then please get in touch.

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